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Aural Films presents the "Enter the Twilight Zone" soundtrack compilation project. We are asking artists to take a journey to the land of imagination. Where time begins in 1958 when a TV show transported us to another dimension. Your mission is to compose a new soundtrack to your favorite Twilight Zone character, scene or episode. This project is open to all ideas. Interpretations, dedications, inspirations, and whatever you want to do that is somehow Twilight Zone related.


released 23 February 2014
Produced by Aural Films
My contribution to the compilation:


Ambient Hub is the online community of ambient musicians, producers, labels, and fans. The Ambient Hub 2012 compilation album is a collection of compositions by Ambient Hub members that exhibit the group's diversity and talents. Visit us at www.facebook.com/groups/ambienthub/


released 01 June 2012
Produced by Dave Luxton
My contribution to the compilation:

Nature's design on your desktop


Desktopography Link

My contribution to the compilation.


My contribution to the compilation.

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